Referral for Telecare

Please complete this following form to refer to Aberdeenshire Health And Social Care Partnership for a Community Alarm and/or Telecare services.

Before you start to complete this form, you will need the following:

  • Service user details (name, address, date of birth and phone number).
  • Service users property details (type of property, number of bedrooms, who owns the property, property owners name and, if appropriate, key safe location and number).
  • Service users General Practice details.
  • Responders and next of kin details (full name, full address, and contact information).

You should preferably have 3 responders, but at minimum 2 responders, who live at different addresses and can attend your property within 30 minutes and have given consent to respond to any alarm calls.

If you require ARCH (Aberdeenshire Responders - Care at Home) THIS MUST be approved prior to completing this form. You should record the details for ARCH Inc telephone number and who approved.

The charge for Community Alarm is £3.75 per week, and Telecare is £3.75 per week. Charge is maxed at £7.50 per week. This is invoiced annually.

Service users should have capacity to be able to press the red button in an emergency situation for Community Alarm.

Power leads or wires must not cross any halls or doorways.

Please be aware that you are not able to save and return to the form at a later date.

If this referral is for a person who resides within a supported living complex please call 01467 536161.

We are strongly committed to your right to privacy. Read the Adult and Older People Services privacy notice (PDF 151KB).

Select 'Start Referral' if you are happy to proceed with your referral.